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Locksmith Glossary

Locksmithing – science and skill related to the development of locks and being able to also bypass such locks.

Lock – the apparatus used when securing structures of all varieties, as well as rooms, cabinetry, possessions such as suitcases or jewelry boxes, and other means of storage.

Key – device, code, combination, biometrics or any type of keycard which is used to open a lock.

“Smith” – Any individual craftsmen, who uses a mould or forge to create and develop useful tools and objects. Often smiths are also needed to create smaller pieces to incorporate into some larger structure. Locksmithing therefore is a craftsmen who is knowledgeable in the creation of locks, keys, and also how to bypass those locks.

Keycode - Made up of alphanumeric characters to create the key, there are two main kinds of key codes for use by locksmiths that includes blind codes and bitting codes.

Blind Code - These key codes require a computer program or advanced chart to tranlate into a bitting code so it can be used to create the physical key. The majority of key codes are blind codes with the publication of information limited to locksmiths in the profession for security purposes. Some locksmiths use this technique to develop their own code system for extreme high security clients.

Biting Code - This is the translated blind code the is utilized by the locksmith to create the actual key. The setting provided by the Blind code provides all the information for the biting code.

Change Key - This is the lowest level of a master key system. It allows for only entrance to specific areas or doors to a property but not all places on the property.

Bitting - Actual part of the key which will interact with the tumblers and lock or unlock the door or mechanism in question.

Bolt Stump - This is the rectangular piece of the locking mechanism above the talon which acts in passing through the levers of the lock, and making it all bolt down tight. The bolt stump is basically what secures the door it holds.

Keyless Entry Systems - This is now common on many cars, and calls up an electronic mechanism to unlock the doors without having to physically place a key in the slot.

Master Key - Key designed to open up multiple sets of locks within a given parameter.

Keycard - This is a plastic card of some variety that is used to carry an electronic signature that can be read and therefore open doors that match the signature.

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