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Deadbolt Lock in Queens, NY

When it comes to protecting your home, you want to choose the maximum level of security to do so. Deadbolt locks in Queens, NY are just one way to protect the occupants of your home and keep everyone feeling safe at all times.

Deadbolt locks were created in the early 20th century after a NYC police detective decided there needed to be a better security measure to protect homes from intruders. The original intention of what became known as the Jimmy-proof lock was to prevent people who were trying to break in from being able to pry open a door. Jimmy-proof or deadbolt locks come in different variations, depending on what type of lock you want for your home. One type of deadbolt lock is the single cylinder lock. This lock can be opened with a key on the exterior side of the door, but on the interior side of the door, there is a knob or thumb turn that locks and unlocks the door. Single cylinder deadbolt locks are ideal for solid metal and wood doors.

Another type of lock is the double cylinder deadbolt lock. This deadbolt lock uses a keyhole on both the exterior and interior sides of the door. While these locks provide an added level of safety, they are not permitted in multi-dwelling homes and are considered a risk. Double cylinder deadbolt locks can hinder the ability of occupants to leave the house in the case of a fire or another type of emergency that could require a quick escape. Despite this, double cylinder deadbolt locks are most suitable for doors with glass in or around them because this type of lock does provide more safety by only operating with a key.

By installing a single cylinder or double cylinder deadbolt lock in Queens, NY you can increase the level of security for your home. Our deadbolt locks are strong and durable, created with the ability to provide you with safety for years to come.


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Deadbolt Lock Queens, NY